Fire cider

Fire cider

Fire cider is a traditional remedy that was taken from Britain to American in the 1800s. It gained a very good reputation in America as a ‘cure all’ to treat all health problems. It is now making a come back in the US for coughs and colds in particular.

500ml Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

32g of grated fresh horseradish root

16g of chopped garlic

32g of chopped white onion

32g of grated fresh ginger

½ tsp cayenne powder

32g chopped fresh chilies

Place all of the ingredients together in a jar and leave to steep for 8 weeks. Strain the mixture and put into a clean jar. The mixture can be used externally on sprains, or internally with honey for coughs and colds (1tsp to a shot glass depending on your sensitivity to the ingredients).