Introduction to Herbal Medicine

Taking those first steps into home herbalism

This is an introductory level course but is more in depth that the simple herbal home remedies course. We go from simple home remedies to learning more about herbs and how they are medicinal, and we begin looking at the language of herbalists and more in depth medicine making.

We start this course with the herbal home remedies course (or if you've already completed that you are go straight to part 2).

Topics covered

- Safety - who shouldn't take herbs?

- Herbal actions - the language of herbalists

- Advanced home remedies (including syrups, balms, and making a first aid kit)

- Herbal medicine and the law

- Wild harvesting and the gathering year - what to gather when and why

- Panacea herbs (Yarrow, Plantain, Elder, Chamomile and Nettle)

Your Instructor

Laura Carpenter
Laura Carpenter

Laura Carpenter gained a BSc (Hons) in Herbal Medicine from the University of East London and is an independent herbalist adhering to a strict code of ethics and practice.

Laura undertook the degree part time over five years, which focused on anatomy and physiology, plant biochemistry and pharmacology, as well as orthodox medical diagnosis. She completed clinical training at the Stratford Herbal Medicine clinic and the Dermatology department of Whipps Cross Hospital in London, completing over 600 hours of clinical training. In 2013 NIMH awarded her the Dorothy Carroll Award for top final clinical examination.

Laura’s interest in herbs is from both scientific research and traditional British herbal medicine perspectives. She has a keen interest in using British plants, and the medicines she prescribes are often wild crafted, and organic where possible.

Reminding people of traditional remedies that can be harvested from the hedgerows and made into medicines in the kitchen is very important to Laura. It forms a big part of her workshops, herb walks and courses.

Course Curriculum

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