Natural pain relief for women with endometriosis

Tried and tested natural pain relief specifically for endometriosis

For those who don’t know me, my name is Laura Carpenter and I’m a medical herbalist practising in the UK and I specialise in helping women with endometriosis.

I’ve written quite a few blogs and magazine articles over the years but I always felt that it wasn't really showing the true story of endometriosis. I reached the point recently where I really wanted to share what I had learnt, so that women feel they can make changes and hopefully work towards keeping their endometriosis in check.
When I sent out my questionnaire to find out the experiences of other women, I was shocked and upset by the responses. So many women in such pain, and many feeling like there isn't any support for them and they don't know which way to turn. I saw myself in their responses too, as I am an endometriosis warrior just as much as I am a health professional.
So I have created this free e-booklet for women with endometriosis, to make steps towards reducing their symptoms naturally, specifically pain.

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Laura Carpenter
Laura Carpenter

Laura Carpenter gained a BSc (Hons) in Herbal Medicine from the University of East London and is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH), the regulating body for medical herbalists, established in 1864. NIMH members adhere to a strict code of ethics and practice.

Laura undertook the degree part time over five years, which focused on anatomy and physiology, plant biochemistry and pharmacology, as well as orthodox medical diagnosis. She completed clinical training at the Stratford Herbal Medicine clinic and the Dermatology department of Whipps Cross Hospital in London, completing over 600 hours of clinical training. In 2013 NIMH awarded her the Dorothy Carroll Award for top final clinical examination.

Laura went on to become a member of the Post Graduate Training board for NIMH, ensuring continuing professional standards were met for all NIMH registered medical herbalists, and she became editor of Herbal Thymes magazine in May 2014.

Laura’s interest in herbs is from both scientific research and traditional British herbal medicine perspectives. She has a keen interest in using British plants, and the medicines she prescribes are often wild crafted, and organic where possible.

Reminding people of traditional remedies that can be harvested from the hedgerows and made into medicines in the kitchen is very important to Laura. It forms a big part of her workshops and herb walks.

Laura has a special interest in endometriosis, and treats may women with the condition, for more information please see the blog section.

Laura practices from her home clinic in Wellington, Somerset.

She runs herbal medicine workshops across Somerset, ranging from introduction to herbal medicine days, to cream making, winter remedies, herbal first aid kit making and many more, as well as herb identification walks across Somerset, monthly from April to October.

Laura also gives talks to local community groups on different aspects of health and herbal medicine.

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